Lockport Blue November 2018

November 2018 Show your support for law enforcement

Read with a Cop

This is one of the favorite activities for both law enforcement and the schools.  There is such value in the time spent---getting to know each other.  

Schedule of Events

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Get involved

Signs and blue lights are available  at Spaulding Hardware and Grimbles.  

Lockport Blue is part of Lockport Public Arts Council, Inc. a 501c3 not for profit.

Memories from Past Campaigns

Starpoint Rally

Hard to explain the feeling you get with an auditorium full of young kids cheering for the men and women in blue.  

Elder Care...literally

Our seniors got into the act as well.  Providing grab and go bags and showing signs of their appreciation outside.  

Friday Night Lights

The crosstown rivalry between Lockport and Starpoint football was forgotten as an honor guard came out.  A great night to kick off the campaign.

Girl Scout Meeting

How lucky to have law enforcement stop by a girl scout meeting to discuss the job...and to receive goodies put together by the top.

Schools really made a difference

DeSales had a Mass and a coffee/donut stand to show their support.

Union Sun & Journal

A hometown newspaper is so important to a community and we are especially lucky to have the Union Sun & Journal.  They are our partners in this campaign and we thank them. 


Thank you Lockport Union Sun

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Lockport Blue

We could not do this without the support of our hometown Newspaper, the Union Sun & Journal

We are part of Lockport Public Arts Council, Inc., a 501c3 not for profit.